01. About me.

Creativity without discipline leads to chaos.

I’m Carlos Soriano and I’m a furniture designer. My creative profile and perfectionist character that defines me, have given me the experience to understand that creativity requires discipline.

I apply knowledge and expertise to create products focused on providing real solutions. It requires spatial vision or what I like to call “living vision” of each object, imagining it into practice in everyday life and thus immerse yourself fully in what you are creating. I design pieces with a very personal aesthetic. Pieces that work either individually and in conjunction with others, creating attractive and balanced collections, achieving comfortable, pleasant and unique spaces.

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 02. Skills.

Specializing does not mean renouncing, it means standing out.

I’m specialized in industrial design, more specifically in furniture design. A designer must be versatile, dealing proficiently with every discipline and from there get the experience and professionalism to reach perfectionism in a single subject.

Technology is at the service of ability. Dexterity with the tools that you use makes the difference between what you imagine and what you can create. That is why I remain constantly learning.

03. Process.

Respect for the stages is essential to create from scratch.

Inspiration is the origin, the essence. It does not come alone, it must be invoked. From it emerges the concept, the narrative thread in which every product tells a story on its own that captivates and deserves to be told. It’s the starting point, the way to bring the intangible to the real.

Then, I create comprehensive modelling of the design in 3D from its structure, which will lead to the final product construction. In this way, the product is 100% resolved from the inside out, being aware of every industrial process that brings materialize each piece in each case, providing precise instructions for its execution.

In this manner, we can achieve a design of great attraction, satisfactory user experience and adapted to any production workflow.


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00. Contact.

¿Why don´t we connect?

Maybe you have arrived at my website due to your thirst for discovery, by chance or recommended by somebody. In any case, you are here and the best way of meeting us and know what we can do for each other is by contacting.

E. — hello@carlos-soriano.com
T. — (+34) 628 564 320